Release: Avernum: The Complete Saga

Say goodbye to sunlight.
Avernum: The Complete Saga, a collection of seven epic-scaled old-school role playing games featuring an original setting and story-driven gameplay, is available on, for only $7.99. That's 33% off for a whole week!
For a computer game, it's quite impossible to recreate what pen & paper role playing games offer--endless adventures in a land of possibilities limited only by one's imagination. That's why most computer RPGs don't even try to reach that goal. The Avernum series is different that way. It tries. And--I'll be damned--it does not fall all that short. Its inconceivable complexity and supreme storytelling is on pair, or even surpasses most of the all-time favorite cRPG classics. Over the course of seven games the saga succeeded in developing one of the most original fantastic realm and fill it with innumerable characters that live their lives, pursue their goals, and leave a mark on the ever-evolving environment. If you thought you knew the computer role playing genre by heart, but somehow you managed to miss this monumental game, you're up for a big and pleasant surprise.
Avernum: The Complete Saga tells an epic story of an underground prison colony. A place of exile for empire's banished citizens, outcasts, criminals, and bastards, that becomes a thriving kingdom of its own over the course of hundreds of years of existence. Each chapter presents a turning point in Avernum's history placing the player's party of adventurers at the center of events, making them overthrow tyrants, defend the land from vile demons, discover ominous schemes, meet strange creatures, and accumulate the power needed to change the fate itself. The series consists of two lengthy trilogies, hundreds of hours worth of gameplay each, and an additional title, The Blades of Avernum, that gives you six shorter additional scenarios and a tool to design your own adventures, prolonging your experience indefinitely. With traditional, old-school isometric presentation, tactical turn-based combat, huge gameworld, and many hundreds of quests to complete while following the captivating story, Avernum: The Complete Saga gives any hardcore RPG gamer the best value for their money!
Prepare to be drawn into one of the most immersive cRPG experiences of our times. Venture boldly into the epic, but eerie underground realm of Avernum: The Complete Saga, for only $7.99 until Tuesday, January 22, at 10:59AM GMT.