Release: Arma 2: Combined Operations

The definitive virtual military experience.
Arma 2: Combined Operations, the ultimate mod-enabled first person perspective military simulation, bundled with the Operation Arrowhead expansion, is now available for 20% off on! That's $23.99 in the release week.
HA-TTENTION recruits! Uncle Sam must be a man of great faith, because he believes that US Army can craft a pile of stinking, dirty clay into a squad of Marines that can be trusted with shooting commies and defending democracy. In fact he put me in charge of performing that small miracle. So you think you know something about modern combat, because you answered some call about duty? Or maybe you got yourself a medal for what passes as honor in those smelly backwoods you call home!? You think you know how to handle your M16s and drive your hummvees because you've done it before IN A GAME?! Well, this is no ordinary game, maggots! This is the United States Marine Corps! This is is Arma 2!
From the creators of Operation Flashpoint comes Arma 2: Combined Ops, the ultimate military simulation. The unmatched level of realism in recreating weapons, equipment, vehicles, and battlefield conditions paired with the incredible scale and detail of the virtual war theater create a gritty, believable US Marine experience. Huge single-player campaigns, massive online multiplayer, mods, and a flexible built-in mission editor guarantee weeks of captivating play. The Combined Ops edition contains the original Arma 2 game and the Operation Arrowhead expansion required to run the game's most popular modification. You know: DayZ. The one with the zombies.
Prove that you have what it takes to leave behind your casual shooters and become a US Marine in Arma 2: Combined Ops for a special price of $23.99 until Tuesday, August 28 at 10:59 AM GMT.!