Release: Anodyne

Wake up to a dream.
Anodyne, a retrotastic adventure game with nostalgic 16-bit era action-RPG feel and a deep story that takes you deep into human subconsciousness, and comes bundled with a 70-minute MP3 soundtrack, is available 25% off. That's only $7.49 for the game's first week on!
The human subconsciousness is an uncharted land and there is very little the scientists can do to explore it. But what if a man could access his own subconscious mind as if visiting it in corporeal form? What if you could roam the grassy fields of your childhood memories? Climb the rocky cliffs of your traumas? Stare into the calm, dark waters that hide the things you chose to forget or watch as the fire of your desire burns ever so brightly. Finally then--battle your unrealised fears in the dark forest of doubt, just as if it all was a 16-bit era console game. It's possible in Anodyne.
Anodyne tells the story of Young, a human who travells deep into his own mind. The deep storytelling has been paired with classic action-RPG Zelda-ish gameplay and absolutely gorgeous pixel art graphics. The detailed locations you explore are vibrant and compelling, the tale is intriguing, and the dreamlike music completes the experience perfectly. All adventure, RPG, and retro-gaming fans should enjoy this title immensely.
Begin your incredible adventure with Anodyne, complete with extra MP3 soundtrack, for only $7.49 on! The offer lasts until Thursday, March 28, at 10:59AM GMT.