Release: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Have you ever been trapped in a nightmare?
Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a gripping first-person perspective horror story full of mystery, darkness, and demons lurking in the shadows inducing a constant sense of dread, is available 75% off on That's only $4.99 only for the first 48 hours, to get your DRM-free copy!
Thousands of pages have been written on the anatomy of fear. It's one of the most basic emotions shaping the human psyche and dictating our actions. But how many of us actually know fear? Not the tingling sensation that something's wrong and you should be worried, but actual terror that's caused by constant, lethal, and very real, yet unfamiliar threat. This is a game that, according to many, comes as close to inducing that state, as possible for a computer game. Praised for its gripping atmosphere, perfect pacing, and involving gameplay, it's one of the most prominent--in not the most prominent--modern achievements in terror fiction.
Amnesia: The Dark Descent puts you in a situation with no escape and the only thing you can do is to push forward, deeper into the nightmare that's becoming more morbid and terrifying by the minute. You will find yourself exploring a half-ruined castle, that witnessed many acts of madness and inhumane cruelty. Deprived of all memories, hunted by spawns of evil, forced to behold sights that shatter your sanity, you will venture into the darkness with no real hope of ever emerging victorious. Mixing a fascinating story, terrifying setting, and well-executed design, this title deserves a place in every horror fan collection.
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