Release: Aarklash Legacy

The divine power of active pause.
Aarklash Legacy, a modern top-down RPG title reminescent of the early 2000s classics, complete with robust tactical combat mechanics and an active pause system, is available 20% off on That's only $16.79 for the first week!
It's time to gather the party and venture forth, into the fascinating fantasy world of Aarklash Legacy. In this new RPG title you'll find many things you loved about the greatest classics of the genre. An intriguing story takes your company of four heroes on a quest full of danger and opportunity. The game excels in combat mechanics, which give you great control over every enemy encounter tactics. The deep battle system will also present you with some extra challenge, as there are some factors present, that usually you wouldn't need to take into account while playing a computer RPG. Don't worry though--with the time-proven active pause mechanics, you'll always be able to plan out your approach and issue all the orders. With a classic feel combined with many original ideas, elaborate skill trees, ominous dungeons, and sleek visuals, this fantastic title will easily quench your thirst for classic computer role-play!
Are you ready to discover a whole new realm of adventure, magic, and bravery? Step into the world of Aarklash Legacy, for only $16.79 on The 20% off release discount offer will last until Thursday, October 24, at 9:59AM GMT.