Release: A New Beginning

Great story, great graphics, great puzzles--all you need from a point-and-click.
A New Beginning - Final Cut, a cinematic adventure thriller done graphic novel-style, is available for $4.99 until January 3 2013, or 75% off, which is $2.49, in today's End of the World Sale.
In 500 years the Earth will be uninhabitable due to climatic changes (supposing it doesn't end on Friday). Survival will be only possible in secluded subterranean locations. The magnetic field of the planet is close to breaking down. Solar activity might end all life as we know it.
You're Fay, radio operator sent from the dark future to the XX-th Century to prevent the climatic change and save the world. All other teams sent from 2500 have failed. With help of eco-engineer Bent Svensson you need to avoid the catastrophe, while also stopping Salvador, another time traveller who's willing to do anything to make sure that the future as he--and you--know it will occur.
Daedalic Entertainment knows how to make excellent adventures, and the warm reception of Deponia or The Whispered World from our users only proves that when it comes to cinematic point-and-clicks, the german publisher is the go-to guy. A New Beginning - Final Cut follows the tradition with gorgeously detailed hand-drawn locations, animated cutscenes, and an excellent narrative taking on the contemporary issue of global warming. If you're looking for a great story with some classic puzzles and high production value, A New Beginning is a title you should pick up immediately. The game price is set to $9.99, however, only at, the game is available right now 75% off when bought in the Daedalic Adventures Bundle along with the aforementioned games, Edna & Harvey, and Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav.