Release: 99 Levels to Hell

Vanquishing evil like a sir!
99 Levels to Hell, a challenging roguelike-platformer in which you shoot evil right in its fangy mug as you progress down randomly-generated dungeons, is now available for 20% off. That's only $7.99 for its first week on
They called him "The Magician", becaue his giant top hat looked as if it could house a whole family of white rabbits and doves. He did not, however, live off party tricks and mind-reading. No one has ever seen him pulling a coin out of some brat's ear. No. He was a demon hunter by trade, and they say that he was the most relentless one ever. He came to our little town, drawn in by the stories of witchcraft and hellspawns lurking in the underground. We showed him the cellar under the inn, and the trapdoor which was supposed to lead to that twisting labyrinth of doom and despair. We told him that no one who entered there ever came back. We told him that their screams of horror haunted us in dark, sleepless nights. We told him that the legend has it that ninety-and-nine levels of the underground would lead him to hell itself. We asked him just how does he plan to make it there and back again alive. The Magician grinned with confidence, twisted the tip of his impressive mustache, and--tightening his grip on his double-barreled shotgun--opened the trapdoor. For a second his monocle caught the reflection of distant flames underneath his feet. "How, you ask?" In his deep, manly voice, as he jumped into the opening, holding fast his top hat, he called, "Like a siiiir!"
99 Levels to Hell mixes the mechanics of a roguelike RPG--as in: randomly generated dungeons, permanent death, unforgiving difficulty--with platformer gameplay. What we get is an enjoyable title that offers enormous challenge and great replayability. There are over 50 weapons and power-ups to utilize as you carefully progress through one danger-filled stage after another, slaying various beasts, collecting gold, and avoiding ghosts that will trail you if you take too long on a level. The game is divided in 10 sections of 10 stages, each section ending with a boss battle. What great evil awaits you on the final stage, when you make it past the 99 titular levels? Hell knows.
Hold on to your top hat as you descend 99 Levels to Hell, for only $7.99 on The promo lasts until Tuesday, March 5, at 10:59AM GMT.