Release: 1849

California dreamin'
1849 a city management sim set during the California Gold Rush that captivated millions to seek fame and wealth, is available on for $12.74 (15% off the full price) until 9:59 AM GMT on 15 May 2014.
1849 is a memorable year in American history. It put a little town known as San Francisco on the map and transformed it into a boomtown. Thousands of gold seekers from all over the world, colloquially known as forty-niners, came to the territory of California looking to stake their own claim. It's because of this mad rush for gold that California has become known as a place where wealth can be found by sheer luck and audacity.
1849 follows the California Gold Rush as you start with a humble settlement and work to make it a booming, bustling center of trade. Hire workers, build a wide variety of buildings--ranging from saloons to humble workers' houses--and even manage trade networks.
Head west and strike it rich with 1849 for $12.74 (15% off the full price) before 9:59 AM GMT on 15 May 2014. 100% DRM-free ga-ron-teed, pardner.