Rad Rodgers gets a FREE update, base price now increased

Rodger THAT!
Rad Rodgers, the kinetic action/platformer starring the titular teenager and his feisty game console, has received a rad update which is totally free for current owners of the game. The base price for the game has now been increased accordingly but it's 25% off until February 28, 6PM UTC.
Here are some of the cool new things this update brings:
- Leaderboards for those sweet sweet bragging rights
- 5 new levels (3 Pogostick ones and 2 big, regular ones)
- More than 20 hats to collect and put on Rad so that he's always in vogue
- Several Pixelverse puzzles have been redesigned and now include new types of puzzles as well
- 4 new enemies (including 2 minibosses) and a brand new weapon to snuff them out with