Pre-orders: Magrunner: Dark Pulse

Welcome to LifeNET social network. Cthulhu wants to be your friend.
Magrunner: Dark Pulse, an intriguing action puzzler mixing physics-based challenges with an involving Sci-Fi story and some Cthulhu mythos for good measure, is available 15% off for pre-orders on That's only $16.99 until Thursday, June 20, at 9:59AM GMT, when the game is expected to arrive.
It all began with Mr. Gruckezber and his tremendously popular LifeNET social network. The total addiction of millions turned into a huge commercial success and laid the foundation of the international giant--the Gruckezber corporation. The network gained importance over the years, becoming the world's default communication system and networking platform. Gruckezber's ambitions didn't stop at that. Around the year 2050 the Gruckezber Magtech deep space research and exploration program was unveiled. You've been selected to test the revolutionary Magtech Glove device but what began as scientific research soon transforms into a perilous journey, as you're suddenly transported to a parallel dimension. A dimension where ancient madness lurks beyond time.
Magrunner: Dark Pulse takes you on a fantastic adventure filled with brilliant physics-based puzzles, mysteries, risk, and breathtaking views. The magnetic mechanics behind the Magtech Glove are quite simple to understand, but not that easy to master. This allows for some very original and challenging level design, that goes perfectly with the game's twisted story. Splicing together ideas that seemingly don't have much in common, this game creates an amazing experience you won't soon forget. If you like your action/puzzles with a pinch of crazy and a whole lot of awesome, make sure not to miss this amazing upcoming title, that will put both your brains and your reflexes to a test!
Reserve your LifeNET account right now and prepare to jump right in the twisted futuristic world of Magrunner: Dark Pulse, for only $16.99 on The pre-order discount offer is available until approximately Thursday, June 20, at 9:59AM GMT.