Pre-order: Retro City Rampage

Modern vs 8-bit, Old-school vs New-school, Violence vs Parody
Retro City Rampage, a modern twist on classic arcade games and open-world story-driven adventures, is available for pre-order on for $14.99.
Get in the car, drive, kill somene, avoid the police, find the police, get out of the car, ROCKET LAUNCHER, pedestrians drop coins--collect the coins, punch a cop, KABOOM, get underwater, jump, fly, CONTRA LEVEL, ride a bike, flamethrower, METAL GEAR! Plus a NES-inspired monophonic soundtrack by Freaky DNA (Leonard Paul), virt (Jake Kaufman), and Norrin Radd (Matt Creamer). Isn’t this everything you’d ever want from an indie game but couldn’t find anywhere?
Retro City Rampage is a mashup of genres, arcade challenges, pop-culture references, crazy ideas, wild humor, and open-world modern game mechanics. 50+ story missions, 30+ arcade challenges, 25+ weapons & power-ups, and special guest stars are more than enough to satisfy any retro-fanatic who decides to start a RAMPAGE OF DOOM through Theftropolis and defeat the EVIL GOOD GUYS.
Retro City Rampage is available on for pre-order for $14.99 and will be released when you carjack the ‘80s at 88 MPH (or within a few weeks).