Pre-order: Legend of Grimrock

The Grimrock Mountain does not release its prisoners. Alive.
Legend of Grimrock, the dungeon crawler inspired by classic RPGs like Eye of the Beholder and Dungeon Master longed for, is available for pre-order with a 20% discount for only $11.99 until the 10th of April.
Many gamers argue that games used to be better: they used to be tough as nails, time-consuming, and relentlessly brutal. The game mechanics, rules, and controls were simpler to learn, but hard to master. Playing a game wasn’t just like watching an interactive five-hour movie--it was an immersive experience that made you skip school, take days off, or waste a whole weekend grinding, and fighting, and running, and leveling, and shooting. Nowadays, it takes a group of true gaming fanatics, like indie-devs Almost Human, to take inspiration from those classics, update them to suit modern sensibilities while still allowing old-school gameplay (if you’d like) and create a game that follows the long-forgotten and abandoned path of classic dungeon crawlers from the early ‘90s. Legend of Grimrock follows the path, yet finds its own way, and it’s the way to RPG greatness.
In Legend of Grimrock, four prisoners are sent to prison no one has ever left alive. The Grimrock mountain holds many secrets, and most of them have razor-sharp claws, knife-edged teeth, and use venomous vapors as eau de parfum. And, at the end of the labyrinth stands a thing that should not be, trembling terror, impossible to defeat. If you’re up for the challenge, order the game right now with a 20% discount.
Here’s what you receive:
Claustrophobia: This game takes place in a warren of tunnels, traps, deadfalls, and dead ends; in optional hardcore mode, you don’t even have an automap, so you have to plot your course yourself (using the included blank map paper PDF, if you’d like) Monsterphobia: That’s probably not a word, but what else would you say of a game that has tons of monsters thirsting for your blood? These aren’t easy battles--they’re a fight to death, and if you aren’t on your toes, it won’t be the monsters who die. Chromophobia: This game is visually stunning, with crisp graphics, great sounds, and an innovative runic spellcasting system that looks gorgeous in action.
If you remember Wizardry or Bard’s Tale, and miss the kind of RPG-ing they offered--or maybe want to find out what all those dusty old gamers mumble about when complaining about modern games--order Legend of Grimrock 20% off right now, for only $11.99 and get all of the goodies listed on the game card (wallpapers, manuals, maps. artworks, and theme) for download now.
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