Pre-order: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

This is NOT the Mushroom Kingdom!
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is a beautiful platformer loosely based on a 1980s classic, with colorful storybook graphics, diverse locations, solid mechanics, and some original twists--and you can pre-order it on right now, for 25% off! That's only $11.24 until next Tuesday, October 23, when the game is released.
In the 8-bit era, way back in 1987, a renegade game emerged on Commodore 64, instantly gathering a slew of fans and raising many legal issues. The Great Giana Sisters were only a pair of mustaches short of being the Super Mario Brothers. Controversy aside, the game delivered a solid gameplay experience, an original backstory, and an extraordinarily well-made soundtrack--it was as far from being a blatant rip-off as a "heavily inspired" game could get. 25 years and some nearly forgotten official and unofficial sequels later, the Giana is ready to return!
Giana Sisters: The Twisted Dreams bring back everything the gamers loved about its 8-bit predecessor in a very modern-looking platformer. The game features colorful "2,5D" graphics that breathe life and magic into the many carefully-designed stages. Once again, Giana sets off on a quest to gather mystical crystals that can help her escape the twisted dream realm. But this time, she has the ability to flip through her dreams and quickly switch between the alternate versions of herself. Both her regular self and her punky "sister" have some unique abilities and traverse a slightly different version of the game's stages.
Explore the fantastic realms full of gems to collect, puzzles to solve, and baddies to stomp upon in Giana Sisters: The Twisted Dreams, for the pre-release price of only $11.24!