Pathfinder: Kingmaker Q & A - Ask Your Questions!

With the coming release of Pathfinder: Kingmaker fast approaching, developer Owlcat Games has been kind enough to open an invitation to GOG users to ask any burning questions they may have. If you’ve ever wondered anything about the celebrated pen & paper RPG transitioning from tabletop to the video game realm, now’s the time to ask!
Where do female Dwarfs come from? What makes a good bard? How evil can you be? It’s all a matter of asking!
Submit your questions in the official forum thread linked below and we’ll forward them to Owlcat games. Of course, we cannot promise we’ll get all your questions answered, but it doesn’t hurt to try!
The answers will be published at a later date on the GOG site and forums.
Pathfinder: Kingmaker releases September 25th, you can pre-order the Explorer Edition for the base game, or grab Imperial, Royal or Noble Edition for the juicy bonus goodies.