New releases: Crystals of Arborea and Ishar III

Warm tear to you RPG fans. Now is a time for great rejoicing! Starting right now our Ishar compilation is complete, featuring all four games of the series. And to make the news even better, the price remains the same - just $5.99! This also means that if you already purchased the Ishar 1+2 pack, now you can download all four games with no extra charge.
Both games are first-person perspective role-playing games, which let you create a party and live out a solid storyline in a 3D fantasy world. Crystals of Arborea is the first part of the Ishar series, featuring characters some of you may recall from Ishar 1 and 2. The main protagonist, Jarel, and his companions must find three crystals to rediscover the flooded world of Arborea. Ishar 3, on the other hand, sees the party traveling through time, with consqeuences immediately visible in the timeline's relative present and future. Their quest - to save the world from an evil dragon's dark ambitions, before the Great Conjunction.