Release: Thief™ 2: The Metal Age

There's a new sheriff in town, and he's after you...
Thief™ II: The Metal Age was the last game released by the legendary Looking Glass Studios. You can relive this instant classic now for merely $9.99!
The story picks up after the events of THIEF™ GOLD. The Metal Age has come to the City. The city has gone fully steampunk and steam-powered robots, cameras, and other cutting edge wonders have been introduced by the Mechanists, a faction raised from the ashes of the Hammerite religion. Although the Mechanists are a new cult, they are led by a former Order of the Hammer priest named Karras, and he is showing the usual Hammerite taste for labyrinthine plots. Not everyone loves the new religion, though, and the City’s people have created a small religious sect in opposition to the Mechanists. The Pagans are a nature-loving sect led by Viktoria, a wood nymph in human form. Their aim is to shun technology and live in harmony with the wild, chaotic natural world.
A third player has thrust himself into this tense situation: Gorman Truart, the new Sheriff. He is a corrupt plotter who oppresses the people, collects bribes, and exploits the weak, and he’s on the long list of people who are not fans of the master thief Garrett. All three factions have their own wants and needs, and it’s almost enough to make an honest thief want to give up the business. As usual, Garrett’s not really interested in playing the role of hero for the City, but despite his self-centered instincts, circumstances will propel him into the middle of this three-sided war. One thing is sure: if he’s going to save the City, they’re certainly going to pay for it.
Now with even more loot to steal, more clever gadgets, and more ways to play through each mission, levels range from 30 minute hits to lengthy heists with multiple objectives and solutions. Showcasing the incredible dynamic lighting and fantastic audio that made the first game a hit, but with better graphics and AI, Thief™ II is definitely an example of a sequel done correctly, with more of all the best elements of its predecessor.
Check out Thief™ II: The Metal Age, DRM-Free and Windows 7 compatible, for only $9.99!