New Release: Superfrog

Look, up in the sky: It’s a fish! It’s a frog! It’s Superfrog!
One of the best-known 2D platformers for PC and Amiga jumps straight into our catalog for $5.99 only on
This ‘almost a fairy tale’ tells a story of an unnamed prince who finds himself turned into a frog, his princess kidnapped, and generally all lost beyond retrieval. Suddenly, a wild bottle of Lucozade appears and saves the day. Apparently, drinking this miraculous potion grants frogs temporary super powers, which sounds exactly like what this little green prince needs. Enter a new mighty hero: Superfrog now has the means (a lot of Lucozade) to defeat the evil witch and rescue his beloved princess. Armed with superspeed, superjump, fairly regular cape, and the fearsome Destructospud (his faithful flying potato sidekick), Superfrog needs to complete 24 levels across 6 worlds, defeat many memorable enemies, and finally send the evil witch wherever witches should be sent to complete a fairy tale.
Superfrog is an amazing example of Amiga-esque platform gaming at its best. Team 17’s best-seller delivers much more platforming enjoyment than you'd expect from your average nameless green amphibian. Superfrog offers simple but addictive gameplay, stunning and detailed visuals, amazing music, and tons of 2D cuteness, which is certainly more than enough to satisfy any platformer-lover.
Although it may not be as well known as the Worms franchise, this pixelated amphibian is definitely worth $5.99 for your own Superfrog on
NOTE: This is the MS-DOS version of the game, but our QA team has confirmed that you can indeed finish it. If you're wondering if you can beat the version of the game, worry no more. ;)