New release: Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm

The portals connecting the shattered islands of Eo start to collapse. The whole world is in panic and despair.
Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm is a refreshing “RPG meets Fantasy Strategy” combo, in which the RPG elements just enrich the awesome RTS experience. The version of Dragon Storm is a stand-alone expansion to the second part of the game.
Chaos reigns over the mythical land of Eo and the Shaikans investigate the problem. Upon closer inspection they reveal ancient ruins of the long forgotten first race to walk the plains of Eo: the Shapers. Once the rulers of the world, the Shapers discovered the Essence of Magic, and the struggle to control the essence led to a civil war and the apparent extinction of their race. Shaikans awaken one of these ancients, the Creator, and now chaos spreads. The only ally the Shaikans can muster is the race that once saved Eo from the Shapers threat the Dragons, exiled long ago. This add-on expands the universe by adding the Sheikan faction, and also adds a new campaign, more loot, spells, and a complex crafting system. Revisit familiar grounds, meet friends from your past adventures in Eo (incl. The Soulbearer or Flink McWinter), and (of course) save the entire world from doom.