New release: Litil Divil

We’re back with Funbox releases and today we have a game that will not only satisfy your need of great retro games, but also can be enjoyed by the youngsters.
Litil Divil is an action adventure game with unique comic design and memorable characters thanks to which the game aged gracefully. As Matt the unlucky devil, you have been sent to a hellish maze from which you have to retrieve the Mystical Pizza of Plenty. The gameplay consists of two key elements: the first one is the maze in which you have to find gold, equipment and various rooms filled with puzzles or action sequences. The second element is when you reach an interesting point in your pizza-seeking perambulation and either have to solve a puzzle or beat a minigame. Even judging by the title you can easily see that the game is kid friendly, so this can be the perfect opportunity to inculcate your kiddos with an appreciation of the Good Old Games ;)

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