New release: Heroes Chronicles: All Chapters

Heroes Chronicles is the pure essence of the Heroes of Might and Magic series, distilled and refined for more concentrated gaming goodness.
Heroes Chronicles contains the same genre-defining turn-based gameplay, but it has a bigger emphasis on experiencing a more complete story, and as a result the “one more turn”-factor is immense! Follow the steps of Tarnum, a barbarian who, upon hearing from a bard about a tale that barbarians were once ruled the continent of Antagarich, unites the savage tribes and wages war on everyone. This renegade has to serve the ancient Ancestors (the Barbarian gods) to redeem his soul in order to be permitted into the Paradise, the barbarian Valhalla.
Visit a plethora of places ranging from barren caves to lush jungles over the course of hundreds of centuries and several worlds. In the Elemental Plane, subjugate the Elemental Lords that want to conquer the real world. In the Underworld, deal with various powerful demons to retrieve a heroes soul--and more! Guide Tarnum through an epic story of struggle, success, defeat, and redemption, all in the awesome Heroes of Might and Magic universe.
This package contains all of the eight chapters of Tarnum’s saga for just $9.99!