New release: Gothic 3

We’re completing the Gothic trilogy on Gothic 3 - the latest part of adventures is available now for only $9.99!
You are the Nameless Hero, the one who defeated the Avatar of the Sleeper god. The same hero who dealt with his four minions. Now it’s time to explore the kingdom of Myrtana. The Orcs have won the war and now humans are mere orc slaves. A conflict is waging between three distinct factions: the triumphant Orcs, the rebels loyal to the King Rhobar, and the hashishin - a guild of assassins with an unknown goal or origin. Your ultimate goal will require you to ally with one of the factions and help them achieve their objectives.
Character Progression is similar to the earlier installments of Gothic. Level up with experience, and quest completion, learn new skills and talents with points you get for every level up. The combat system was revisited, now it boasts more combo moves, optional full mouse controls, and your hero is able to use shields to improve his blocking abilities. Further, Rune-Magic has disappeared from the land, leaving only the magic of the ancients intact but scattered across Myrtana in form of ancient scrolls. Finding these scrolls is key to learning and using powerful magic to defeat your foes.
The most visible change from Gothic 2 is the new graphics engine, which looks stunning even now. The rich, vivid world of Myrtana is open for you to explore, but be aware of the dangerous beasts and monsters lurking deep inside the wilderness. You are free to go wherever you want, and lots of side-quests are available to lengthen your playthrough. Experience a great open-world RPG where your decisions can alter the course of a whole continent.
Check out the whole Gothic franchise on GOG and grab the newest installment for only $9.99.