New release: Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive

Whether you bought the game, got the demo in a box of Kellogg's, or haven't even heard of it - here's your chance to visit the Wild West!
Go on a journey to New Mexico in 1881 as one of the six Desperados that are on the hunt for the train robbing "El Diablo." As John Cooper, the bounty hunter engage your enemies in a real time strategy game - think Commandos but with revolvers and a Wild West setting. Utilize each team member's unique skillset, ranging from carrying Gatling guns or faking a siesta to special equipment like Mia's monkey or Samuel with his love for TNT. Overcome the engaging missions with unique setting and scenery. Challenge the robust AI system which makes each try at a mission a unique experience.
Apart from the enemies, your heroes also have unique gameplay features like Quick Action which lets you bind a series of actions into one button, so you can shoot your enemies "John Wayne style".
So what game made you ride with the outlaws? It's Desperados, we think :)