New release: Darklands

I guess you’ve never been to 15th Century Greater Germany, huh? Me neither, but now you have a chance to explore its breadth and depth to the fullest! We present to you the ultimate open world historic RPG: Darklands!
Historically accurate representation of medieval greater Germany lets you go from zero to hero over the course of your adventure. No wizards, elves, dwarfs, or other nonsense “fantasy.” This game is (more or less) realistic in terms of what it throws at you, rather than using the same “Evil wizard wants to take over the world” plot. This is all about gaining fame and becoming a noble medieval hero or a black knight terrorizing the commoners! Superstitions and beliefs of a 15th century greater Germany is what you will be up against while traveling the countryside. Alchemy replaces magic, although there is witchcraft, which those bad cultists use to aid them in their unholy demon summoning rituals.
The character creation process is unique as well. You don’t have to start as an Level 1 Warrior, instead you choose one of six family backgrounds (ranging from a farmer to a noble prince) which affects the initial range of occupations that shape your character as you wish. You can either choose to make a young noble prince, that yearns to become a hero (giving you more time to train him up) or make a team of qualified mercenaries that already are capable in swordsmanship. If you’re not into elaborate character creation you can use the Quickstart option to begin the game with a default set of characters that are just right for everything. Apart from characteristics, your heroes are defined by skills. Skills play a very big role in Darklands, as they’re used for a success/failure check in nearly all actions you will execute in medieval Germany, but don’t fret you train no matter if you succeed or fail a particular task.
Music is based on original tunes from the 15th Century and the graphics are clean, with a notable mention of the watercolour-like background pictures. Combat is real-time/turn-based just like Baldur’s Gate, incorporating a Pause button that you may press at any time so you can order your team around, and the game uses an isometric view to show you the battlefield.
If you’re looking for a little adventure in your life, don’t hesitate and try Darklands: Heroic Role-Playing Adventures In Medieval Germany for $5.99 and immerse yourself in a deep and sophisticated medieval experience!