Release: Anachronox

A private detective, a superhero, and a museum curator walk into a bar--this isn’t a joke, it’s Anachronox!
Gather a group of unlikely heroes on a quest to discover the who and what and when and why behind a mystery that will destroy the galaxy for only $5.99 from your favorite digital distributor,
Sly Boots is in trouble. Face-beating, out-of-window-throwing, owing-money-to-the-mob trouble. After accepting an unexpected but financially tempting offer, Sly starts a simple cost-effective investigation, which turns out to be a much, much bigger quest than he anticipated. Soon, Sly Boots finds himself in the unenviable position of being the only man in the galaxy who can solve a mystery that threatens to end everything. Well, not quite the only person: Sly has some friends. Mercenary Stiletto Anyway, hotshot scientist Rho Brown, former Museum Curator Grumpos Matavastros, actual superhero Pac Estrella, robotic companion PAL-18, and naturally Sylvester “Sly” Boots together form a most unusual galaxy-saving crowd.
They are the only ones that believe end of days is happening, and you are the only one that can guide them.
Anachronox is charming, intelligent, witty, fun, and entertaining from the very first minute you start until the final lovingly-crafted moments of the engaging story. The game is not simply an RPG: it combines Japanese-style elements (like fairly linear story, cinematic direction, and turn-based non-random battles) with Western-like side quests, dialogues, and sense of humor, mixing in some puzzles and a story straight from an adventure game for good measure. Yes, the game was known to be kind of buggy at launch, but a pair of official patches and a later pair of fan-made patches have taken care of that and you can play it with virtually no issues. The most important thing is that the story flows like an entertaining novel--light-hearted, bizarre, and humorous, but at the same time the gameplay is addictive and challenging.
Minimum system requirements in 2001 included a Pentium II 266, 64 MB of RAM, and a sense of humor, while today they require $5.99 for Anachronox, available now on