Mod Spotlight: FTL: Faster Than Light

Much faster than Felix Baumgartner!*
FTL: Faster Than Light, shortly after its release, became an obsession for many Sci-Fi-loving gamers. With it's "realistic" approach to starship command simulation and infinite replayability granted by procedurally created universe, FTL is as satisfying and addicting as a morning cup of replicated Earl Grey. It's no wonder that the game gathered a sizable fanbase; and where's a fanbase, there are fan-created mods. Let's have a look at some of them!
Actually, before you start fiddling with your game, make sure to grab a copy of a little app that makes installing FTL mods easy as shooting tribbles in a barrel. Grognak's Mod Manager comes with a friendly GUI that allows for easy management of your multiple mods. If you have any doubts about installation and use of this app, consult the extensive guide provided by the author, posted along with the download link. (NOTICE: some anti-virus software, like Avast!, falsely reports a virus in the Manager's archive and prevents installation. Disable it to continue.)
Last Friday, Mr. A.--our in-house video ninja--missed his flight to London and didn't make it to the grand Star Trek convention. This made him a very sad space-panda. To cheer him up a bit: here's Star Trek Enterprise NX-01 mod, that allows you to roam around uncharted space captain Archer style! Star Trek themed GUI element's have also been added to complete the experience. Kevin Andersson, the author of this modification, has reportedly stated that no Klingons were harmed in the process of development. Was someone harmed by the Klingons, then?
If you prefer something less mainstream S-F, you can always catch the solar wind in your sails and search for the legendary Treasure Planet in RichText's Pirates! mod. The modification re-writes roughly ⅙ of the game's events to create a likeness of a space-pirate life within FTL. As the author states: "The overall plotline of the game is being changed as well. Already, the universe has shifted back in time to pre-rebellion times, when the Federation Military Police patrolled the spaceways, hunting pirates such as you. As a notorious pirate, you will have them at your tail at all times as you try to escape to the planet of Deadman's Port, the legendary pirate haven on the other side of the galaxy." Well, arrr, space-matey!
FTL is known for being not very friendly to unexperienced gamers. With roguelike-like permadeath feature and crazy amounts of essential micromanagement, it presents a real challenge even to seasoned space commanders. It's hard to believe, that some people find it not difficult enough. Yet, modder AtillaBosma felt the need to manufacture a maniacal modification that makes the game even harder! The Hard/Extreme Difficulty mod will reduce the numbers of your crew, decrease your ship's hull integrity, and make your interstellar life a lot less stellar in many other ways. Are you John Crichton enough to accept this challenge?
Is your hunger for mods still unsatisfied? There's still plenty to browse in the official FTL forums. Grab FTL: Faster Than Light for your PC or your Mac for only $9.99, and begin your never-ending modable space adventure!
* Who, contrary to some TV networks' belief, only passed the speed of sound while falling back to Earth from the stratosphere. Still impressive!

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