Mod Spotlight: Deus Ex: Nihilum

A cyberpunk adventure in Hong Kong!
Deus Ex (available in the Game of the Year edition on, is the beloved cyberpunk classic RPG/FPS everyone loves and holds dear in their memory. This was--and still is--one of the most suggestive and enthralling visions of the future that graced our computer screens. As a series, Deus Ex took some turns and twists changing over the years and exploring different gameplay possibilities. The latest development in the Deus Ex brand left PC gamers feeling a little left out, to say the least. Don't worry! Something new and exciting has just happened in the Deus Ex PC universe.
Deus Ex: Nihilum mod (recently released via ModDB), serves as a single player campaign to the original Deus Ex, released in 2000. Exploring an alternate Deus Ex continuity, it introduces a new scenario offering about 10 hours of additional gameplay on the average. This robust modification features over 2 hours of new original music tracks, over 2 200 lines of dialog delivered by project's fans, three new weapons including the Walther P99 pistol, and--most importantly--a well executed and interesting story. Keep in mind: this is an alternate vision, so don't expect it to feel exactly like Deus Ex classic. Nihilum has its very own distinctive feeling to it, but it still remains well within the borders of the cyberpunk genre.
The mod has been very well received and literally thousands of gamers rushed in to witness the story of Mad Ingram, UNATCO's first nano-augmented agent, dispatched into the city of Hong Kong with a mission to stop a terrorist threat. We heartily recommend you to join them and revisit the dystopian cyberpunk future of the first Deus Ex. The mod itself can be downloaded via To get the most of your experience, it is recommended also to get the New Vision mod as well. It will greatly improve the game's visuals, updating it with amazing high-res textures. The installation instructions for each mod are provided within the download packages.
Both Deus Ex: Nihilum and New Vision mods, just as most works of the modding community, were made possible by the joint effort of many talented and dedicated people. To name just the project leaders, we should mention FastGamerr, the main author of Nihilum, and the main texture and 3D artists behind New Vision's: David Watts and Marijn Kentie.
One final note: make sure you've got Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 runtimes installed on your machine before attempting to install the mods mentioned in this editorial. The right order to go about the set up is: MSVC++ 2012 runtimes, New Vision, and finally Deus Ex: Nihilum.
Deus Ex GOTY Edition is available on for only $9.99. Do you know any mods for it, that are worth installing? Share your thoughts in the comments, and have fun playing Nihilum!