Mod Spotlight: Arma 2: DayZ

First Person Shooters are a dime a dozen. Zombies might be the most overused motif in video games--and pop-culture in general. Yet somehow the zombie apocalypse mod of the über-realistic military FPS turned out as fresh as the morning dew. That is if the dew was actually blood pouring from some unfortunate soul's artery ripped open by the brain-hungry undead. Ladies and gentlemen, here's DayZ for Arma 2: Combined Operations!
The key feature of DayZ is it's realism. Yeah--that's right--realism. Because zombie apocalypse is a very real threat, and there's a lot of people taking it--pardon the pun--dead serious. Movies like Zombieland, 28 Days Later, and shows like The Walking Dead might be just entertainment for you, but for some they're far more than just that. They're survival tutorials, preparing the farsighted few for the sudden, but inevitable undead outbreak. You'd be better off joining their ranks, so learn your zombie-lore and test your survival skill in the safe test-environment that is DayZ. You can be sure, that what you'll experience in the game is a 1:1 representation of a real-life zombie pandemic. That's right--you don't play DayZ just for fun. You play it to prepare.
Even though DayZ is still in the alpha stage of development, it gathered a community of way over a million players and has received nothing but high praise from the press. Eurogamer and Kotaku called it "probably the best zombie game ever", Wired speculated that it will be the most terrifying game of 2012, and Bit-Tech comparing its impact on gaming to that made by the most influential mods: Counter Strike and DotA. DayZ offers a huge feature-rich gameworld for an immersive experience, massive multiplayer that will have you work with or compete against dozens of other players, a complex medical system featuring realistic injuries and ways to treat them, hunting and scavenging for food and other scarce supplies, and--duh!--hordes of zombies hungry for your braaaainz.
The current version of DayZ supports easy installation and simple startup interface, that will let you easily find and join a server. Once you have Arma 2: Combined Operations all you need to do is download the installer file from the mod's official site, run it... And you're ready to go. Or rather: go, go, GO! Just remember about cardio!
Both Arma 2 and the Operation Arrowhead expansion, that are required to run DayZ, are now available on as Arma 2: Combined Operations, and until Tuesday, August 28 at 10:59 AM GMT you can get them for the reduced price of $23.99. Hurry up, don't let other survivors get a head start!