Midweek sale: Outstanding indies up to -75%

Sometimes independent projects deliver more than expected. Some of them even redefine their genre and prove it's not all about having a huge studio and funds - it's about the concept and brilliant execution.
Dance with bullets and time in SUPERHOT (now -60%); travel through ages to medieval Germany, Poland, and England in Ancestors Legacy (-50%); visit the Victorian world to explore the big blue in steampunk style in Sunless Sea (-50%). If you're hungry for the post-apo-oriental experience, become a survivor in Kenshi (-20%) and decide if you want to grind your thieving skills, become a respected member of the community, join the army or live as a hermit on a desert.
What are you waiting for? Catch the wind of inspiration with our selection of independent games!
The Midweek Sale ends on July 13th, 10PM UTC.