Mages of Mystralia - Content update, price drop, and a 20% discount

This is not an illusion.
Mages of Mystralia, the enchanting action/adventure of rigorous spellcrafting, has just pulled a pretty significant update from under its pointy hat! To celebrate, it received a price drop, plus both the game and the OST are going on sale at 20% off for one week, until August 29, 2 PM UTC.
This update brings about the all-new Archmage Mode, which aims to fine-tune the difficulty curve while adding some cool stuff, like:
- Four new, exclusive enemy types, each representing an element.
- A number of optional puzzles, requiring you to either craft a specific type of spell or break a magical seal by rearranging nodes.
The price drop is already in effect and the 20% discount will last until August 29, 2 PM UTC.