Mac Release: Geneforge 1-5

The saga of the Order of Shapers now available for Mac!
Geneforge 1-5, a five-part role playing saga for die-hard fans of the genre with hundreds of hours of non-linear gameplay, and a unique premise and setting, is now available for Mac OS X on, for only $14.99.
Imagine that you could twist and shape the flesh of living beings to craft them according to your will and make them do your bidding. Only the Order of Shapers holds the key to unimaginable power. But can they really be trusted with it? Is their will strong enough to keep them from abusing their abilities? The world trembles under their rule and it becomes more and more apparent that they're not the most benevolent overlords. It is up to you to either make them change their ways, or see to that their regime falls.
Geneforge 1-5 takes everything you love about classic isometric RPGs and adds a truly original setting and gameplay mechanics. This incredible saga will have you playing either the role of a powerful Shaper, commanding an army of his creations, or a Rebel who fights a seemingly lost cause of freeing the world from the flesh-twisting magic. Either way, you'll be exploring a complex and vast gameworld filled with masterfully crafted quests offered by innumerable NPCs. With five lengthy and immensely satisfying games to play through, this collection gives you some amazing value for your money.
Mac gamer! Satisfy your hunger for hard-core isometric RPG. Grab your copy of Geneforge 1-5, for only $14.99 on, and immerse yourself in the world of Shapers for hundreds of hours.