Mac Game Update: System Shock 2 + 10 more titles

System Shock 2 is now available for Mac OS X + 10 classic additions to our Mac catalog!
System Shock 2, the ultimate Sci-Fi thriller that remains in many gamers' fondest nightmares, is now available for Mac OS X. This is one of the most intense experiences in the history of computer games. It perfectly splices Sci-Fi with survival horror, FPS gameplay with character stats, upgrades, and inventory system of the role-playing genre, fast paced action with chilling terror. As you slowly and carefully explore your surroundings, the game begins to swallow you whole, and soon enough you feel completely immersed in the terrifying reality of an interstellar ghost-ship. All that memorable gameplay can now also be enjoyed by Mac users!
But that's not all! We're continuing to expand our Mac catalog and along with System Shock 2, we give you ten more classics. As of today you can play Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, Realms of Arkania 1+2, Return to Mysterious Island, Realms of the Haunting, Normality, Amerzone, Nox, Megarace 1+2, Atlantis 1, and Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure on your Mac--hassle-free, and of course, DRM-free. If you already bought the PC version, a Mac version will be available to you without any additional cost, as always. We'll be rolling out the updates today, immediately after this news, but if you can't see one of the Mac versions on the product page--please give some time for the site to update.
Have a nice day!