In Development: Archeo: Shinar

Takes the "venture" out of "adventure".
**UPDATE**: Couch archeologists who want to take advantage of the game's current low price should hurry! Archeo: Shinar will have its base priced increased in January 24th!
Archeo: Shinar is now available In Development, DRM-free on
See, plundering ancient artifacts is all good and jolly but the dirt, old sport! Ghastly business. And running into savage locals? Or horrible diseases? No no no, a gentleman archeologist does not engage in such barbarity, instead they sit comfortably at their mansion, footing the bill and sending thoughts and prayers for the safety of their underlings doing the legwork. Perhaps conducting some research between tea breaks. Plan the expedition, why not. Possibly avenge their demise by hiring new, more capable ones. All the important stuff, really.
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