GOG.com & Larian Dragon Commander Video Q&A

Join Larian and GOG.com in a live video chat!
We're preparing to launch pre-orders on the new, original, and exciting title: Divinity: Dragon Commander from Larian Studios, the creators of Divinity RPG series. It's a real-time strategy game with quite a unique concept, so we thought it would be nice to have a little Q&A with the developer team to shed some more light on their one-of-a-kind idea. After all, you don't see dragons on jetpacks commanding armies of soldiers, beasts, and flying machines into battle in every other game, now do you?
The video chat will start tomorrow, one hour before the planned pre-orders launch--that's Wednesday, April 10, at 2:00PM GMT (16:00 Warsaw time), and there's a bunch of ways you can see us talking to Larian and participate. We know that we said we'd be hosting it on our G+ page, but due for a better stream we've moved it over to Larian's Twitch.tv page at www.twitch.tv/larianstudios. Or you can simply watch it right here on this page--we will embed it below for you. If you miss the show, don't worry--a recording should be available as soon as it ends. Don't miss it, though, because we have a special gift for everyone who watches the show.
If you have any questions for Larian you can submit them in here, in our forums or tweet them at us with the #DragonCommander hashtag. We'll select the most interesting questions and throw it at the devs in our live chat, so they won't be able to dodge them. As usual, we'll award the authors of the best questions with some free game bonus codes.
EDIT: Thank you for attending our live Q&A session! In case you missed it, or simply would like to see it again, here's a recording on YouTube: