GOG.com's Plan for the Future Gets Some News!

If you've been checking out the news on gaming sites around the 'Net, you've very possibly heard that GOG has announced some exciting news about our plan for 2012 and beyond.
In particular, there are three main elements that make up our announced path for the next few years: adding newer games to the catalog, focusing on continuing our impressive growth, and bringing exclusive game releases to GOG.com. There are a few common questions we've seen about this, so before we link you to some of these discussions online, we thought we'd create a quick FAQ for you.
Q: Oh no! GOG.com is never going to sell another classic PC game again and my favorite game never made it here!
A: Don't worry, GOG.com will continue to release classic PC games. We are, however, looking to expand the availability window of games on GOG, so we won't focus only on PC classics anymore.
Q: Isn't your name Good Old Games? It seems kind of silly to sell new games on an old gaming website.
A: We've always been about our core values: DRM-free games, flat prices worldwide, and extra goodies included in our releases. So don't think about us as "Good Old Games"; think of us as "GOG.com", and perhaps you can work your way around that objection. ;)
Q: I see your terrible plot! When you guys start selling games with DRM, I will leave the Internets in disgust and never return.
A: Don't worry: we're devoted to those three core values that we mentioned above, and we know that if we ever abandoned them we'd quickly become just another digital distributor. Our goal is to become the best alternative digital distributor out there: the guys who do it differently, who respect their customers, and who can help change what the industry is doing as a result.
If you have any other pressing questions about our future plans, feel free to ask them in the forum and we'll do our best to answer as many as we can. Keep in mind that we can't always answer questions you ask for a variety of reasons, so apologies in advance if you happen to ask one of those kinds of questions.