GOG.com 2011 Interviews wrap-up

Well, the new year has passed--we hope you had a good one!--and now it's time to buckle down and start making 2012 awesome.
We're going to be doing our best, here at GOG.com, to make 2012 an even better year for fans of classic games and newer ones too then 2011 was. If you've been coming to our website very often at all, you probably know the three things that we do that make us different than the other digital distributors out there: we're completely DRM-free, we bundle in free extra goodies like soundtracks and wallpapers, and we charge the same price for all of our games anywhere in the world.
We're committed to keeping up with that philosophy in 2012, because it's what has made us a favorite gaming distributor for so many of you guys, and it's key to how we think anyone should sell games. Our GOG.com style of gaming distribution has definitely won us some attention last year, and we thought we'd show you a short round-up of some of the interviews that GOG.com conducted with news outlets across the 'Net in the last 12 months. Some of these talk about things that have already happened and are done, but some also talk about what GOG.com is planning to do in 2012 and beyond, so if you want to see if we're sticking to our guns when it comes to the GOG.com way, read on!