Friday fun: GOGBook bloopers (and more)

One does not simply produce a commercial without any bloopers.
Hey folks! Remember that goes Mac a.k.a. The GOGBook commercial we've showed you some month ago? Well, it was a hoot to shoot. Especially for Mr A, our very own In-House Video Ninja. But everyone had fun. We thought that you might enjoy a little blooper reel, documenting some of the many, many, many silly moments induced by the video's production. It's there at the bottom of the newspost for your enjoyment & entertainment.
But wait, there's more! Since we're letting you take a peek behind the ole' green n' orange curtain, there's something else we'd like to share with you today. There was a little celebration in office today, as Judas and The Enigmatic T celebrated their birthdays. Which birthdays?--you might ask. Well, let's just say that one of them turned old and the other one turned ancient (I'll leave it up to you to guess which was which), and since they're both come from the United States, we decided to celebrate that special day with a very special cake.
Yup. That's a 12 pound beef n' bacon burger. You might not see it from that angle (damn you to hell, lettuce!), but it's actually got some additional regular-sized hamburgers inside. A birthday burgerception, if you will. Why? Because, that's why!
TET, Judas! The team would like to congratulate you for surviving yet another year in this, sadly, still DRM-ridden world. We appreciate you for who you are (nerdy gamers, like us all) and for what you do (whatever that is). Happy birthday, live long and prosper!
And now, for the The GOGBook commercial blooper reel: