Free Release: Warsow

Fight furiously, fight quickly, fight for free!
Warsow, a cyber-sport ready, ultra-fast paced FPS with sleek cel-shaded graphics and some innovative mechanics, is coming free to your shelf on
Cybersport is a relatively broad term, but the first things that come to mind when you hear it is: RTS and FPS games. While the first category is dominated by Blizzard's Starcraft series, the latter tends to be a lot more diverse. The multiplayer rivalry is very often the main focus for modern FPS designers, and the single-player campaigns often present nothing more than an extensive gameplay tutorial. In some games, victory relies on the ability to apply team tactics, but deathmatch games remain the pinnacle of virtual sportsmanship.
Warsow is such a game, but not an ordinary one. Seven years in the making, it's one of the most incredible community efforts, proving that games made by gamers for gamers can deliver unique qualities if their development isn't rushed and pushed by the forces of the market. Years of carefully polishing every aspect of the game paid off--Warsow has been accepted as a competition game by the Electronic Sports League and ClanBase. And now it comes to GOG, to impress you with its stylish minimalistic graphics, to amaze you with its ultra-fast gameplay, and to awaken within you the spirit of rivalry!
Grab your riotgun, pick up the pace, and join the manic shoot-out race in Warsow, free on!