Free Release: Flight of the Amazon Queen

It came from the jungle!
Flight of the Amazon Queen, a classic point-and-click adventure that takes you through a story taken straight out of 1940s pulp magazines, full of witty humor and top-notch pixel-art graphics, is available on as a FREE download!
My name's Joe King, and this is my story. Unbelievable as it may seem, it is a true story. You might not believe me, that's OK. I don't care much. You wanna know why? That's because when you get to tell someone your story, chances are there won't be any Hollywood stars in it, no mad scientists, now ancient temples lost in the jungle, and no plots of world domination. Sure, your story might be exciting too, maybe even weird at times just like mine, but I'm well damn sure your's won't have a super-scientific dino-ray in it! Well, mine has one. So, grab a cold one and let me tell you the tale of a certain journey. It all began with the girl...
Flight of the Amazon Queen is a point-and-click classic sporting traditional, beautiful pixel-art graphics, funny writing, a grand story based on many prolific pulp fiction clichés, and lots of full-speech in-game dialog. You will instantly fall in love with the story's mood and pacing, and the brilliant puzzles will keep you entertained for many hours. To read a story like that in the 1940, you'd have to pay whole 10¢. Today, as a part of 5th birthday celebration, you can play for it absolutely FREE!
Find out what mysteries the jungle holds, foil the plot of an evil genius, present great bravery, let your wit shine, and--finally--get the girl in Flight of the Amazon Queen, available free of charge on!