DLC: Democracy 3: Social Engineering

Trust me, I'm an engineer!
Democracy 3: Social Engineering DLC, an expansion pack adding new gameplay elements such as 26 new policies and 8 new political dilemmas, to the unparalleled "society sandbox" that is Democracy 3, is now available on GOG.com, for only $4.99.
For many of us, the term "social engineering" turns on a mental red flashing light alarming: "someone is trying to manipulate me. But since we're looking at a game expansion called Democracy 3: Social Engineering DLC, it might be a good idea to verify our knowledge. Quoting Wikipedia: social engineering is a discipline in social science that refers to efforts to influence popular attitudes and social behaviors on a large scale, whether by governments or private groups. A social engineer is one who tries to influence popular attitudes, social behaviors, and resource management on a large scale. [...] To achieve the best outcomes, all conclusions and decisions must use the most advanced techniques and include reliable statistical data, which can be applied to a social system. In other words, social engineering is a data-based scientific system used to develop a sustainable design so as to achieve the intelligent management of Earth’s resources with the highest levels of freedom, prosperity, and happiness within a population. For various reasons, the term has been imbued with negative connotations. However, virtually all law and governance has the effect of seeking to change behavior and could be considered "social engineering" to some extent.
There you have it. Not so bad, right? Certainly, you don't need to feel bad manipulating the public opinion and twitsing people's convictions for your own political gain in Democracy 3: Social Engineering DLC, for only $4.99 on GOG.com. Please note that this DLC needs the base game, Democracy 3 installed in order to run.