Cyberpunk 2077 Game Guide - First Steps

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Wake up, samurai. Eight years after it was first announced, Cyberpunk 2077 is finally here, and the keys to Night City are yours. It's time to steal some gear, see some chooms, and maybe take in a braindance or two – we won't judge.
But if you want to make sure you don't end up with a bullet in your brain on your first day, we've got some initial tips to help you get accustomed to Night City and set you on your way to becoming the legend you're destined to be. Come on, kid. We've got a city to burn.

Choose your past, change your future

We're not going to tell you how to customize your character or where to put your Attribute Points – that's your choice. But we would recommend giving each of the three Lifepaths a try before getting too deep into the story.
When making your hero, you can choose from the Nomad, Street Kid, and Corpo Lifepaths, each one opening up new opportunities through unique dialogue options and different perspectives on missions.
For example, near the start of the game, you'll be tasked with getting your hands on some tech from the Maelstrom gang, who stole the hardware from Militech. If you're playing as a Corpo, you'll know all about Militech's inner workings, and could convince them to support you in retrieving the tech without having to fight your way in or pay out of your own pocket.
And while we don't want to spoil any real surprises further down the line, it's worth checking out each of the Lifepath's prologue missions to get a sense of your character's motivation and background before you completely commit to the role.
The missions take around half an hour each, and they all lead to the main mission route. But they'll also give you an insight into the motivation behind each version of V, so you can really connect with your created hero and truly understand what's pushing them forward throughout your stay in Night City.

Give every skill a chance

You may already have an idea what kind of person you want to be in Night City – maybe you're a stealthy hacker, a slippery assassin, or just a brute who loves punching gonks in the face. But you probably don't want to put all your eggs in one basket right at the start.
Try a few different playstyles in the first few hours – experiment with Perks, mess around with each type of gun available, hack everything you see, and maybe take the quieter route in a gig or two. Not only will you get a feel for everything Cyberpunk 2077 has to offer, but you'll also level up a variety of Skills – pistol kills level up your Handgun Skill, for example, while silently taking out enemies will put points into your Stealth level. You'll also grab some bonus Perk Points to spend the way you choose once you hit certain Skill levels. Win-win!

Scan everything and visit Drop Points regularly

When you're first starting out, money can be a little hard to come by. But Night City is littered with other people's junk, and there's always someone out there willing to take it off your hands in exchange for some cold, hard eddies.
Even if you're not the most observant person, your augmented eyes will be happy to assist. Scan every room you go into and you'll not only see new things to hack and where the hostiles are hanging out but also all the trash you can pick up on your way through.
This can also be useful when everyone in a room is dead or incapacitated, as you'll get a better idea of which bodies still have loot on them, and if the items you're stealing are worth the inventory space. You can disassemble loot for crafting components or sell it at the Drop Points. Be sure to visit them regularly before and after missions as you don't want to end up over-encumbered and struggling to move because you swiped one too many cigarette packets.

Check your stash – and your wardrobe

When you first arrive at your apartment early in the game, your first instinct might be to jump straight into bed and sleep off the day you just had. But don't get cozy too soon, as there's plenty to see around your home.
Your top priority should be your stash, which you can use to deposit any guns you don't need yet but aren't willing to sell. As an added bonus, if you're playing Cyberpunk 2077 using GOG GALAXY app or have a copy of Gwent in your library, you'll find a few special items in there that will give you a much-needed armor boost – and they look pretty stylish to boot.
But don't ignore your wardrobe either. It's right next to the front door and has a handful of clothes already in there to add to your collection. Plus, if there's nothing in the pile that you feel like wearing, you can sell it at the Drop Point right outside your apartment. Easy money!

Hit the streets

You might be tempted to head straight into Night City and start on your main quests right away, but hold on for a minute there, hero. There's plenty to see and do outside of the big jobs, and there are a few benefits to taking in the sights to boot.
Bring up your map and you'll see a bunch of crimes you can help stop or Side Jobs you can take on, both of which will boost your Street Cred – which will unlock new Side Jobs and access to better weapons and cybernetic upgrades – and give you some valuable experience points when completed. You don't need to grind levels in Cyberpunk 2077, but it's never a bad idea to unlock a few Perks before heading into the bigger gigs.
It's also worth driving around aimlessly for a while, not only to take in the breathtaking sights of the city but also to unlock a few more fast travel points. Pass near one of these and it'll be unlocked forever, making moving around the vast districts of Night City a breeze – especially handy if you end up a few miles away from your next destination and you don't feel like driving.
With these first few basic tips under your belt, you're more than ready to take on Cyberpunk 2077. Now get out there, make some money, and start building up your Street Cred. We'll see you on the streets!