Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition is here!

Good news! As of this moment, all owners of Crossroads Inn receive an Anniversary Edition update for free. This version of the game includes:
· An epic campaign, Sandbox mode, and dozen of scenarios
· Pests & Puppies DLC with lovely pets and malicious pests
· The Pit DLC - open an underground basement and run all kinds of illegal activities
· Hooves & Wagons DLC: guests now own horses and wagons with them
· Bath & Beauty DLC offering beautiful bathtubs and bathrooms
· Crops & Harvest DLC (new content!): time to gather crops and feast!
· Digital goodies pack: unique cookbook, soundtrack, all sketches and concepts that were used during development
· FLCs and event-related items
· New bard and a new adventurer
· Chinese language support
Among the most significant improvements to the base game Anniversary Edition offers:
· New Pathfinding & AI
· Engine Performance
· UI & Tutorial
Of course, newcomers to the tavern-running business are always welcome! Until 29th October 2020, 3 PM UTC, Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition Inn will be available on GOG.COM with a 10% discount!
Note: If you already own or Crossroads Inn - Artisan Edition in your library, they will be automatically updated to Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition - Season Pass 2, giving you free access to the game’s future DLCs.