Creative Contest: The Witcher Short Short Short Story

Give us a 100-character Witcher story. Win official The Witcher t-shirts and wolfhead medallions!
Andrzej Sapkowski's fantasy saga upon which CD Projekt RED's The Witcher universe was built, consists of five novels. The legend of Geralt, however, began with a 1986 short story. Even in his very first feature, the white-haired monster hunter was already a complete and fully-developed character with unmistakable personality and demeanor. It's amazing just how well the debuting author managed to define the hero and his reality in such short form. This was 27 years ago, though, and the current forms of communication have taken a turn towards haiku-like limited form. It's amazing what people are able to convey within 140 character limit. One might imagine, that nowadays, you could see a complete fantasy short story in under--say--100 characters. In fact there's an example of one, just below this post.
Do you think you would manage to squeeze a Witcher story within 100-character limit? If you think you can, tweet it with the #GOGWitcherStory hashtag. That's 100 characters of the actual story + 16 characters of the hashtag. Alternatively, you can give us your story in the forum thread below. Naturally, the 100-character limit applies here just as well. Two entries per person tops (each of them still needs to be a separate, self-contained short short short story). Prizes? Of course there are prizes! Authors of the 3 best stories will receive exclusive The Witcher: Wild Hunt t-shirts, and wolf-head medallions. 4 runner-ups get just the medallions. All the winners will also get one $5.99 gift-code, each. The deadline for submissions: Friday, October 18, 9:59AM GMT (the GMT part is important!).
Need some inspiration? Buy any game from until Thursday, October 17, at 9:59AM GMT, and you'll receive a free copy of the classic The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. All set? Get creative!