Coming Soon: Sunless Skies

Let me pray among the stars.
Sunless Skies, a story-driven experience that refines and expands the Sunless Sea formula, is coming soon, DRM-free on!
London has fallen; uncaring gods and maddening horrors now rule the deep waters. But what about the skies? The British Empress is looking to explore the "blistering, wonderful night" and gain a foothold among the dying stars. You're one of those daredevils desperate enough to try and make a living out of this damned venture.
The Kickstarter campaign for Sunless Skies is now live - go check it out and consider boarding!
Or dive into the Victorian Gothic universe with Sunless Sea, 66% off until February 10, 4:00 PM UTC. The time is perfect, as it recently received two free pieces of DLC: The Pirate Poet and The Cladery Heir.