Coming Soon: Spelunky

Danger ahead!
Spelunky, a fun but very unforgiving platformer with procedural level creation, dynamic and diverse gameplay, and charming 2D graphics, is coming soon to!
In Spelunky, you'll be exploring ancient temples, caves, and ruins so packed with deadly monsters and traps, that virtually every step you take without dying is a cause to feel good about your gaming skills. Where is danger, there also are rewards! The underground is full of forgotten treasures, gleaming gold nuggets, and shiny gems. Get the loot, escape the traps, beat the beasts, and rescue the damsel in distress (or a boy, cause they get in trouble just as much!). If you want to feel like a daring archaeologist/adventurer and you're not afraid of any danger, this game will feel like a dream come true.
Spelunky will be coming your way next Thursday (August 8), but you can start practicing your treasure-hunting skills today! Spelunky was initially released on the PC as a small freeware game, with the same amount of challenge as the upcoming modern version, but not as much depth and simplistic graphics. If you want to get a taste of spelunking action, the classic freeware version can be downloaded on the gamecard (the link's right above the "coming Aug. 8" notice).
Have fun with Spelunky Classic and expect even more special spelunking features on before the new Spelunky comes!