Weekly Sale: Sci-Fi Rumble – first-person shooter games up to 90% off

If you love action-packed titles with adrenaline jumps on a cosmic scale, you should enjoy this week’s Weekly Sale on GOG.COM with discounts reaching up to 90%. Promo consists of many first-person shooter games set in Sci-Fi worlds, where new technology meets with an old-fashioned rumble.
Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior (-50%) is another game from the series based on tabletop games by Games Workshop. As a young T’au warrior, you must face the mighty human-build Empire, which shows no mercy to aliens. Using one of the 15 available weapons you must fight your way through chaos and destruction.
Hard Reset Redux (-90%) is a cyberpunk-themed FPP created by Polish studio Flying Wild Hog. In this game there’s practically no stop to the action sequences. Cyborg Zombies that attack you from every corner can be destroyed not only with guns. You can slice them using a weapon highly effective in close combat - the Cyber-Katana.
Check out the Weekly Sale on GOG.COM and buy even more titles filled with tons of explosive action. The Promo ends on 2nd December 2019, at 2 PM UTC.