6th Birthday Promo: Year 6

GOG.com is celebrating 6th birthday: 20+ games from our Year Six up to 75% off!
For six years now, we've been building a library of great games of many genres, ages, and origins. One by one they were introduced to our catalog, publisher by publisher, developer by developer, series by series. We've started small, with just a couple dozen of games and a small crew of passionate gamers. Then we grew. Each year was exciting and brought excellent additions to our offer. This week, we'd like to go back to GOG.com history, taking you on a little trip down the memory lane. Each day we'll be taking some of the games we've released in a given year of GOG's existence, and offering them to you up to 80% off.
The sixth year of GOG.com, the year we've just now completed (starting September 2013) we will always remember for the sheer amount of awesome things we managed to pull off. We've introduced an unmatched Money Back Guarantee. We gave away the original Fallout trilogy, as well as the classic Dungeon Keeper for free, to the gamers around the world. We've promised and delivered Linux support. We've launched our DRM-free movies. We've announced GOG Galaxy, a DRM-free Online Gaming Platform. All that, while maintaining our main focus: expanding our catalog with great classic and indie titles. One of them was Banished, a phenomenally well-received game made by a single person. Here's what our community member, Mordam, had to say about it:
It surprises me that this game can be so much better than most city managing sims I have seen in the last years. The interface is intuitive and helpful, the graphics is spectacular, and the atmosphere is splendid. If you have played a city building game in the last years and have been left with that bad feeling that this was not what you really wanted, try this game. Hopefully you won't be disappointed. I sure wasn't
The year 2013/2014 brought many more exciting titles, classic and new, including S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition, or Risen. You can grab them - and many more - up to 80% off - from our 6th Birthday Promo page, today!
Today's featured games will remain discounted until Sunday, September 14, at 9:59AM GMT, so don't miss your chance! And make sure to come back tomorrow for something special...