Become a GOG Hero: Declare your intent

Hear ye! hear ye!
By King's decree the mighty kingdom of GOG is seeking for brave and valiant adventurers who will help to retrieve the great lost treasures from Ubisoft. The path ahead of those who will undertake this task is strewn with dangerous enemies and dreadful places. Many heroes won't come back in one piece, but for those who will succeed a great prize awaits at the end.
The first quest to become a GOG Hero starts today! We need you to help us spread the word about our new, upcoming Ubisoft releases. To do that all you need is just retweet this message "Become a GOG Hero, help spread the word about our new Ubisoft releases, and win a free GOG game #gogcom" before Sunday, March 13 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. By completing this quest you'll automatically enter for a drawing of 1 of 100 free game codes from GOG.
That's only the first quest in the upcoming weeks. If you don't want to participate this time, don't worry. Everyone who participates in at least one quest will become a GOG Hero and will be eligible to win great loot with the big, special prize at the very end.
You're asking what's the grand prize? What is the main thing that every hero needs? (No, unfortunately we won't be giving away a princesses’ hand in marriage, sorry.) We'll reward the greatest GOG hero with a real sword, a GOG branded shield, and $150 USD worth of GOG games!