Ask developer a question: Little Big Adventure series

We've just posted the answers from Aaron Conners about the Tex Murphy series and we're ready for another Q&A session. This time we're taking on a recently released series!
After years of being widely unavailable, Little Big Adventure, one of the best action-adventure series on the planet, has been re-released at GOG. The rights for LBA games went back to one of the developers, and thanks to this we're able to ask them some questions about the series. This time not one, not two, but three people involved in the process of creation of the game will answer your inquiries! Didier Chanfray, co-founder and art director at Adeline Software, Frederick Raynal, co-founder and creative director at Adeline Software and Sebastien Viannay, lead programmer, will answer all kinds of questions concerning the Little Big Adventure.
Please post all questions in this thread. As usual we'll be picking 5 most interesting questions from the comments and send them over to developers. We know that's enough of an incentive for all fans of those games to ask their questions, but as we like to reward you for your work, we'll be giving a free game to the authors of the 5 chosen questions. Remember to post them until Thursday, November 3 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.