Activision Holiday Song Contest Begins

We’ve explored the EA catalogue with a crossword puzzle that tested your cunning and wit. The Interplay Caption Contest assessed your ability to make puns and captions that delight and amuse. Now is the time for us to feature another great publisher whose games are in the 50% off Holiday Sale! As we’ve mentioned before, there are more than 350 games for sale for less than $5. A lot of you may not be familiar with our catalog, so we thought we’d hold a few contests to help you learn about the great games that we have on sale right now.
Embark on a quest with Activision, the third publisher we’re putting in the spotlight. The keeper of all the Quest series' of games and the adventure fan favorite Zork franchise. You have only 6 days remaining to buy games from the vast Activision catalogue 50% off on, because their games leave the holiday sale on the 26th. As such, it seemed timely to that this contest feature them!
Now we’re giving you a chance to make use of your creative side and write a merry holiday song featuring an Activision game, character, or level! We only require that you write lyrics to the song--you don't have to produce it into a Grammy-winning music video unless you want. The easy route is for you to take a famous Holiday song or carol and re-write the lyrics to suit the theme (Here's a terrible example that TheEnigmaticT knocked out in a few minutes), but you can take it further if you'd like and wow us with your creativity. Be it a Youtube video, an audio file of you and your whole office preforming or soulful duet featuring you and your cat, feel free to wow us with your creative skills.
Once you've written (or performed) your Activision-themed holiday song, post the lyrics (or a link to the audio file / video) in the comments for this thread on the forums or as a comment on our Facebook post. The contest is live from now until the 22nd of December 11:59 (AM) GMT. After that, we will comb through the entries and announce the winners of the contest. Each winner will be able to select an Activison game of his or her choice to receive for free!