5 classic stealth games to make you feel like a master of the shadows

One of the best things about video games is that they let you experience things that you may never, or can never, experience in real life. Epic fantasy battles, intense gunfights, space exploration, and more are all possible.
One of our favorite things that games can let us experience is what it feels like to be a secret agent, to stealthily complete missions, to stop the bad guys without ever making a sound. It’s a feeling that you’d be hard-pressed to replicate in real life (without serious risk to yourself!), which makes stealth games all the more appealing.
With the release of classic Metal Gear titles on GOG.COM, we thought it would be the perfect time to look back at some of the classic and most amazing stealth game series to ever grace our screens. Check them out below!


There are not many video game stars more recognizable than Agent 47. His pressed suit, his bald head, his barcode tattoo. The Hitman series has been going strong for two decades, and for good reason, it’s an amazing stealth video game!
As Agent 47, you have a variety of weapons and gadgets at your disposal, and you can don the outfits of unsuspecting people you take out, letting you into places that would be impossible otherwise. And don’t forget, hide those bodies! Any old freezer or closet should do just fine. Let’s just hope the maid doesn’t have to go in there for any reason.


If donning business suits and guns aren’t your style, then maybe it is time to dive into the Thief series. This first-person stealth title has you playing as a trained thief through a variety of different settings.
You’ll have plenty of gadgets to help you on your journey, so get creative while staying silent. And while you may not have a gun, your bow will certainly come in handy for taking out guards and water arrows will help you extinguish lights that may give your presence away.
The Thief series has been praised for its unique gameplay, moody atmosphere, steampunk-inspired world, and mature story.


Another gritty stealth game, the Dishonored series takes place in a plague-ridden industrial city where you play a person that has been framed with the murder of an important political figure. You’ll have to use a variety of tools to prove your innocence.
One thing that helps set Dishonored apart from the other titles on this list is the use of magical elements. With your newly found magical powers, which you can unlock and upgrade as you progress, you’re sure to find countless ways to solve problems and rid yourself of your enemies.

Splinter Cell

You are Sam Fisher, an expertly-trained secret agent that utilizes the shadows to stay undetected. Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and you definitely should!), is to stop a war from happening.
Splinter Cell is all about tech gadgets and, possibly more important, the use of shadows to stay hidden from your enemies. The game uses a unique light meter that lets you know if you will be detected or not, and there is something especially thrilling about lurking in the shadows while others around you are oblivious to your presence.

Metal Gear

You can’t have a stealth games list without including this classic title. The Metal Gear series literally changed the game and brought players into a world of stealth and espionage, all wrapped up in an engaging story.
It is also a great example of a game that lets players play as they want. Many missions could be completed in a variety of ways, whether that meant blasting your way through, or hiding in a cardboard box waiting for guards to pass, the choice is yours in Metal Gear.
If you like solid gameplay, a deep story, and memorable characters, there’s not much to dislike about this classic stealth title.
What are some of your favorite stealth titles? Let us know down in the comments!